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All About Us


It's been a journey, and the grind has been real! Thank you to everyone that helped me get to where I am now and to those whom I hope to help me to the next level.


I'm Caitlin Russell, and welcome to my site. I first started Bougie Berries to help my wonderful parents and to pay my way through college. And for those that know me, I was also a serious snacker! So why not do something I already loved doing?! Thank you, Dad, for pushing me never to give up. My little experiment actually paid off. My snack game is on point now!! 


Bougie Berries flourished well beyond what I expected, and I fell in love with my customers. After 8+ years, I still enjoy helping satisfy customers' snack needs daily. As well as my own! 

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Now About The Snacks

Bougie Berries is Milwaukee's Premier Dessert Boutique located at 7157 W. Burleigh St in Milwaukee. We have delighted the Milwaukee area with our specialty treats for almost a decade. We are proud to be a black woman-owned bakery/snack spot. So come check us out and let us help you supercharge your snack game!


We specialize in making the desserts you eat look as good as they taste. We create custom snack designs and presentations that taste as good as they look. We offer tasty strawberries, cupcakes, and other snacks, including dipped pretzels, cheesecake jars, banana pudding cups, dipped fruit, and other snacks. So if you dream up a snack, we can most likely figure something out to make your dream come true.

We are known for our Signature Shortcake flavors and cheesecake cups. Order some of our delicious snacks and enjoy the moment.

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